• Night on the Town Package: RDF offers patients and
    their loved ones the opportunity to take a break from the
    daily physical and emotional grind associated with
    chemotherapy and radiation treatments. We offer patients
    who could not otherwise afford it, the chance to spend an
    enjoyable night out with their family and friends.  
    Packages are arranged according to the individual
    interests of each patient.  Typical packages include
    limousine service, dinner and a show/event.

  • Stipends for HLA Testing: Some patients who suffer
    from Leukemia and related conditions, must undergo a
    procedure called a bone marrow transplant. Although the
    procedure has saved a number of lives over the last 30
    years, insurance companies still consider it to be an
    experimental treatment.  Therefore, they do very little to
    cover associated costs, like HLA testing/typing.  HLA
    testing entails matching potential donors to patients in
    need of a transplant. RDF offers modest assistance to
    patients and their loved ones who are organizing bone
    marrow donor drives, and need serious help covering the
    HLA testing expenses.

  • Stipends for Wigs/Hair Replacements:  Unfortunately,
    a typical side effect of chemotherapy is hair loss.  For
    many patients, this can make an already difficult situation
    even worse.  RDF offers patients stipends directed
    towards the purchase of wigs or temporary hair
RDF Services
The Robert DiLibero Foundation
*Sometimes people ask us why we don't direct the funds we raise
towards medical research...

We feel that medical research is extremely important, and we hope and pray a cure for all types of cancer is found some
day soon.  However, our family's experience with Robert taught us that there are many patient specific needs associated
with Leukemia, Lymphoma, and related diseases, that are often overlooked or underfunded.

The day to day worry and stress felt by patients (and their loved ones) undergoing treatment can be enormous. The
physical side effects associated with chemotherapy and radiation present a tremendous challenge. The emotional,
financial, and social side effects make an already challenging situation even worse. Patients must contend with their
disease related fears and their growing medical bills.  They must battle their condition, and remain strong for themselves
and for those around them.

In general, the daily lives of patients - and those close to them- change quite dramatically.  We strive to offer those who
cannot otherwise afford it, specific services that we hope will lighten the load.  

Our most popular service in particular, (the Night on the Town Package) offers patients the opportunity to experience a
moment or two of enjoyment, recreation and relaxation with the people they love most. It provides patients with a much
deserved break from their battle and circumstances. We hope our work will create special and lasting memories for those
who are having such a difficult time right now.
 Please visit our patient testimonials page for a sample of the feedback
we've received over the years.